📗Understanding Gauges

Reviewing the gauge system, one of the Hermes Token base feature.

The gauge system

On Hermes Protocol, the inflation is going to users who provide liquidity. This usage is measured with gauges. The liquidity gauge measures how much a user is providing in liquidity.

The liquidity gauge measures how much you have provided in a Hermes pool. Each Hermes pool has its own liquidity gauge where you can stake your liquidity provider tokens.

The weight system

Each gauge is associated a weight. Those weights represent how much of the weekly Hermes inflation will be received by the liquidity gauge.


The weight systems allow the Hermes Protocol to dictate where the HERMES inflation should go. You can vote at this address: https://hermes.maiadao.io/#/gauge

By doing so, you can put your voting power towards the liquidity gauge (or pool) you think should receive the most HERMES.

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