⚖️Gauge Weights

What are gauge weights?

Simply put, a gauge weight translates into how much of the daily HERMES inflation it receives.

When do gauge weights change?

Those weights are updated weekly on Thursdays at midnight UTC.

Who can vote for gauge weights?

Anybody who has vote locked HERMES can vote to direct its voting power towards one or multiple Hermes pools.

How can I vote?

Visit the link: https://hermes.maiadao.io/#/gauge

Select the veHERMES NFT you would like to use to vote, adjust sliders of each pool of your choosing until you have 100% votes used and click "Cast Votes". You can vote on the weights every 7 days and can select multiple pools.

How often can I move my voting weight?

You can change your voting weight once every 7 days.

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