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Understanding Stable Pools

Stable pools are Hermes pools holding assets with the same prices. Hermes core has natively built both stable pools with pegged assets and variable pools with unpegged assets. It is a new type of AMM that allows for extremely efficient trading and low risks of non pegged assets.
Stable pools use liquidity more effectively by concentrating most of it at current prices. As trades happen, the pool can change what it considers the price in order to move the highest liquidity region without creating losses for the pool. Both Stable and Variable pools have a fixed fee which is 0.01%.
Our first and main stable pool right now is: m.USDC/m.USDT on Metis Andromeda.

Liquidity Providers

Becoming a liquidity provider in a stable pool is exactly the same as variable pools. You will gain exposure and risks to all assets in the pools. Both pools work with uniswap interfaces.


Fees are fixed and are 0.01%


As with any liquidity providing in blockchain, there are some smart contract risks involved. Solidly's stable pools have been audited, and Hermes are exacty copies of them, but audits never eliminate risks completely.