💸Claiming Trading Fees/Bribes

Trading fees and bribes can finally be claimed since you vote. You can claim your fees as often as you'd like.

To claim your fees, please visit: https://hermes.maiadao.io/#/rewards, select your NFT, select from which bribes you want to claim and click on the "Claim Bribes" button.

When are fees paid out?

All fees are deposited as bribes. So Fees => Bribes

When are bribes paid out?

Bribes are paid out during 7 days after being deposited as bribes to everyone who is voting for that pool.

How are bribes paid out? Automatic? Do we have to claim them?

You need to claim then by choosing your NFT on the rewards page, then select each pools checkbox and click on Claim Bribes button.

Can you claim bribes and fees before the week is up?

You can start claiming fees as soon as they are available in the rewards page after you cast your votes.

How are bribes divided amongst voters? Who gets what? Is it proportional to how many "votes" you cast?

They are divided among each voters current weight in that pool. Same as farming with LPs but with votes.

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